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10 2017 mar

Old Bridge Democratic Organization Endorses Slate for 2017 Township Council Election

The Old Bridge Democratic Organization today released its endorsed slate of candidates for the 2017 Township Council Election. On the evening of Thursday March 9, the Old Bridge Democratic Organization (OBDO) met to select the candidates they will endorse in this year’s election. After listening to statements from the candidates, the members from each ward voted on which would receive their endorsement. The endorsed candidates for the 2017 Township Council race are: Dave Merwin in Ward 1, Zeeshan Siddiqui in Ward 2, Edina Brown in Ward 3, Mark Razzoli in Ward 4, Anette Hopman in Ward 5, and Ken Totten in Ward 6. Read more

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The Old Bridge Democratic Organization is made up of local elected Committeemen and Committeewomen who are accountable to the registered Democratic voters in each Ward/District of Old Bridge.  They work with elected officials and local, county, and state government to represent the party and residents of Old Bridge.
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